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Digital Marketing has benefits businesses of all sizes by giving access to the mass market at an affordable price. Unlike TV or print advertising, it allows truly personalized marketing.
With the complete illustration of a brand online and its to showcase its presence, digital marketing has undoubtedly swapped the traditional marketing, even terminated those traditional mediums. Marketing is a crucial part of any business which one cannot overlook in any manner. A wise and visionary way to be taken for its branding and advertising. Those ways only help their presence in front of the consumers.
Moreover, in this era where almost everybody carries out their transactions through online medium. The portion of people who don’t know the use of the internet is very less. So it is quite obvious for the organizations to look out for digital marketing rather than the so-called traditional marketing.
So to assist you to get an insight on the two marketing methods, here we have described both the methods precisely.

Digital Marketing
Digital marketing is the new era marketing method globally. As the internet has spread its applications and benefits in every aspect of our lives, so as marketing. It has also managed to create its awareness, promotions through it. The internet has allowed them to create a wider customer base through the following ways:
•    Business networking sites
•    Social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter
•    Email marketing
•    Paid pop-up ads
•    Blogs
•    Content marketing
Traditional Marketing
Traditional marketing implies to the conventional methods of marketing which are used from the time of the evolution of the conception of advertisements or marketing. These are  the following channels for brand advertising:
•    Newspaper
•    Flyers
•    Radio
•    Television
•    Billboard advertising along roads and highways
•    Magazine Ads
Digital marketing Vs Traditional marketing
Digital Marketing
Traditional Marketing
You can target a local audience, but can also go for international one.
You can only target the local customer.
Your audience can choose how they want to receive your content.
There are only specific and limited options to choose from.
Interact with your audience is possible
Can’t interact with the customers, and if you wish for that then it will be a complex process
Digital marketing is cost-efficient.
Print or radio advertisements can be very costly.
Real-time results.
You can’t get any real time result.
The advertisement can be personalized as per the requirement.
Tailored made advertising is not possible.
Measuring the campaign result is very easy based on metrics and data.
Measuring the campaign result is difficult.

As per many surveys reports the digital Marketing has been adapted into many big corporate businesses to increase their budgets more through Digital Media. But for big corporations, the traditional marketing is still necessary to reach a large group of audiences.
According to eMarketer reports India has a growth rate of 31% digital marketing. Only in India, 20% population has the internet access, as this number increases, then we can see a great demand for Digital Marketing. This the time to start learning and implementing the digital marketing strategies.

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