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8 Smart Tips for Choosing a Perfect Domain Name

Are you planning to build your own website? If yes, then how can you choose a correct domain name which describes your business?

It needs a lot of idea and consideration to build a business website. Your business should be identified depending on the domain name of your website. By choosing a correct domain name will not only fits your business but also makes easy to find and promote. In this article, you'll find 8 important tips for choosing a perfect domain for your digital marketing business.

1)  Keep it short
Short name can keep a domain simple and unforgettable. If your domain name is long and difficult then the possibility is that users can mistake or be misspelling it. So try to keep the domain as short and simple.
By using a short domain name customers will also feel better, easier to remember and type in the search engines. It's also good for your business cards and email addresses.

2) Well Branded Name
Your domain name is the face of your company. So, you should confirm that it really sounds like a brand when you hear the domain name.
A good domain name is:
  • Unique
  • Clear
  • Short
  • Meaningful
  • Attractive
  • Motivating
3) Use Keywords Wisely
Keyword plays a significant role in any type of domain selections. So, try to select your domain based on your keyword related to your business.
It also helps to improve your rank and SEO on a search engine and build a trust on your customers. To select a perfect domain you need to be more creative in keywords structure.

4) Use the Right Domain Name Extension
The “.com” domain extension is the most popular and memorable domain extension. Actually, 75% of websites use “.com” extension. If you can’t find with “.com”, then go with other extensions like “.net” or “.co” or “.org”.
According to research, 75% of domains are registered with “.com” extensions, second is “.net” and the third is “.org” extensions.

5) Avoid numbers and hyphens
Never choose your domain name with numbers and hyphens. These can be a sign of spam domains and because of this signs; your audience shouldn’t get a wrong impression on your website.
It can often be misunderstood, when people hear your website name. And also they don’t know whether you are using a numerical (4) or it’s spelled out (four) or they forget hyphen. So always try to avoid numbers and hyphens in your domain name.

6) Avoid Trademarks
You have to be careful before moving to the specific domain name; always check to see if there are any trademarks already registered to the name.
You should also check at trademarking the domain name yourself to avoid possible copyright harms in the future.

7) Easy to pronounce and spell
Your domain name should be easy to pronounce and spell. If not when someone asks your domain name it will be difficult for you to spell.
Sometimes people consistently misspell your domain name because it’s too complicated and all of that your potential traffic will also be lost. Always make your customers for finding your domain easily.

8) Check Availability on Social Media networks
If you choose a perfect domain based on the above steps then finally you can check the availability of social media networks.
In order to build your brand, the best way is to have the same across your domain and social media sites. This makes easier for your audience to reach you easily on the internet. To find the availability of social channels on your domain, there is a tool called “NameVine”.

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